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1938 French 26.5mm Flare Gun Round

A Brass Case For The 26.5mm Flare Gun 

This Looks Like A Parachute Version ?

Price £30






WW2 Russiam 50mm Mortar Round

A Semi Relic Condition Russian Mortar Round

Bakelite Fuze Head Dated for 1943

Price £49






WW1 German Granatenwerfer 16 Round

 Very Good Example Of The German Trench Mortar Round

11" Overall & Will Disassemble.

Note. Although It Is Described As A Mortar Round It Was In Fact Fired From A 'Thrower'

So Could Really Be Called A Grenade.

Price £210






WW1 German Relic Fuze Heads

A GrZ04 & GrZ14 Fuze Heads In 'Dug Up' Relic Condition

Interesting Find

Price £30 The Two







German 37mm Maxim Pom Pom Rounds

Here Are Two Early 20th Century 37mm Rounds

Both German Made At Karlsruhe. Unfired Heads.

A. Dated August 1902. Brass Case Has Been Cut. Price £35

B. Dated November 1903. Price £55



French LG1 GR51 Round

These Are Practice Rounds From The French Lance Grenade System

Really A Type Of Hand Mortar. Used By The Foreign Legion.

51mm Diameter & All Have Signs Of Corrosion & Tailfin Damage From Use.

Price £49 Each






OTO Melera TP Mod 79 Dummy Head

A 76mm Naval Deck Gun Dummy Round Head.

Used For Training.

C/W Brass Collar. Price £75






Rarden 30mm AFV Inert Rounds

Nice Condition Polished Brass Case Rounds. Approx 280mm long.







British 3" Mortar Round

An  Sand Filled Round With Inert Fuze

Price £195



British 1944 Dated Brass Fuze Head

Price £SOLD







British No 199 Anti Aircraft Time Fuze Head

A Relic Number 199 Fuze Head For The 3.7" Anti Aircraft Gun

Used From 1938 & Through WW2. This One Dated For March 1940.

Made By Vickers Armstrong. Price £SOLD






47mm Hotchkiss Rounds

Made By Elswick Ordnance For The Japanese Navy

Two Available Both VGC.

Price £125 Each






German Kriegsmarine 88 Deck Gun Round

A Rare Unfired Head Early 1930's AP Round. Marked For Krupp.

Case Dated 1935. Some Surface Corrosion.

Price £350




Russian WW2 45mm Shell Cases

For Model 37 Anti Tank Gun

Price £SOLD






WW1 Newton Mortar Round

A Refurbished Relic Example Of The Heavy 6" Trench Mortar

Nicknamed 'The Flying Pig'

Some Repairs To Fins. Please Ask For More Pictures.

Price £159



WW2 German Le.IG18 Rounds

Steel Cased 75mm Rounds.

One With Steel Driveband. Unfired Head. 1938 /43 Dated Case. C/W Paper Insert. Price £139

One With Copper Driveband. Fired Head. 1942 /43 Dated Case. C/W Paper Insert. Price £129



WW2 German Le.IG18 Round

A Brass Cased 75mm Round With Unfired Head Dated 1944

Steel Driveband. Some Pitting All Over.

Price £139



French 37mm Maxim Pom Pom Round

A Good Example With Unfired Head

Price £49







Repainted 81mm Illumination Mortar Rounds

Two Green Repainted 81mm Mortar Rounds.

65cm Long. Price £75 Each



37mm Maxim Pom Pom Rounds

Here Are Two Different Inert Unfired Head Pom Pom Rounds

A. Vickers Son & Maxim With Fused Head. Price £SOLD

B. Karlsruhe 1898. Solid Head. Price £49



WW2 Russian 120mm Mortar Round

An Inert 1944 Dated Large Mortar Round In Sound Condition

C/W Safety Cap & Fuze Head That Will Unscrew. 

Overall Length Is A Massive 67cm !!

Light Surface Rust & Pitting Otherwise Very Good Example.

Price £250



WW1 German 21cm Howitzer Brass Case

Huge Brass Case Ideal For Use As A Small Side Tables

One Dated April 1917 Made At Karlsruhe. Price £SOLD

(One Dated December 1917 Made At Magdeburg. SOLD)




WW2 German 80mm Mortar Round

A Smoke Round With Original Paint.

Bakelite Fuze Head Will Not Screw In Completely

Price £199



WW2 German 10.5cm LeFH 18 Head

Fitted With AZ23 Fuze. Dated 1944. Approx Weight 14.6KG !!!

Pitted Finish All Over. Price £SOLD






Large Brass Artillery Shell Cases

Left. A 1943 Dated 3.7 inch (94mm) Case. 675mm High. Price £SOLD

Right. A  1974 Dated 105mm Case. 620mm High. Price £SOLD

Please Ask For More Pictures If Interested.




WW2 120mm Russian Mortar Round

A Massive Mortar Round In Good Solid Condition.

All Threads Good & Will Disassemble Easily

Approx 67cm Long. Price £225




WW2 Soviet Anti Tank Bomblet

A Shaped Charge Type PTAB 2.5-1.5 Bomblet

As Dropped In Batches From Sturmovik Aircraft Against German Panzers

This One Is In Fair Condition & Not A Common Find In The UK.

Price £100






German 80mm Mortar Round

A Very Solid Round With Just Surface Rust.

Actual Size is 81mm. No Fuze Head.

Price £139






WW2 German Flak 88 Round

A Semi Relic Head With Flat Nose. ( Cleaning Round ).

Good Steel Case Dated 1943.

An Unusual Version.

Price £295







 WW2 German PAK 40 75mm Round

An Impressive Display Piece. 92cm High

This Is In Relic Condition. Still Solid But No Markings Readable.

Bargain Price £SOLD







British 3 Inch Mortar Round

No Fuze Head. Rusted Surface Still Very Solid. 

Price £150






WW2 German Made Bofors Gun Cases

Steel 40mm Cases Made In Germany For Use In Captured Bofors Guns After Dunkirk.

One Brassed Finish Steel & The Other All Steel Both With Nice Headstamps. Dated 1943.

Price £49 Each.







Inert Chromed 81mm Mortar Bomb

Used As A Display Item

Note Some Damage To Fin.  Price £135







 81mm Illumination Mortar Round Tail Sections

35cm Long. Cast Alloy. - Price £35 Each.