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WW2 German Panzerfaust 30 Relic

A Repainted Relic Panzerfaust With Removeable Head

 Some Holes In Tube.

Head Looks Like It Has Had Some Filler Repairs

Price £200



WW2 German 1kg Incendiary Bomb

This Is One Of The Thousands That Were Dropped By The Luftwaffe On Towns & Cities

During WW2 In Order To Start Fires.

It Looks To Have Started To Burn But Must Have Been Extinguished Quickly.

This Makes An Interesting Show Piece & Ideal For Blitz Talks.

Price £SOLD



RAF 8.5lb Practice Bomb

A 1926 Dated 16" Practice Bomb.

It Used A Percussion Cap To Set Off Marker Smoke

This Is A Rare All Metal Version Some Were Made Of Bakelite.

Price £295




WW2 German Tile Breaker Incendiary Bomb

A Good Example Of The Infamous 'Tile Breaker' Incendiary Bomb

This Has a Heavier Steel Head Than The Normal 1kg Incendiary

It Would Smash Through Roofs To Start Fires Inside Buildings

An Ideal Prop For Talks About The Blitz Era

Price £SOLD



WW2 German 1kg Incendiary Bomb

A 1941 Dated Incendiary In Good Condition.

Note Head Will Not Unscrew.

Price £SOLD



L92 A2 Fuze Heads

To Fit 105mm Smoke Screening Rounds

Good Condition. Some Just Have Some Black Marks.

Price £45 Each



WW2 German 1kg Elektronbrandbombe Bomb

( Incendiary Bomb )

A Typical Incendiary Bomb Dropped In Large Quantities On Major Towns & Cities During The Blitz Era,

This One Has Clear AZ8312 Fuze Head Marking

Slightly Dented Fin.

Price £SOLD



WW2  German SD2 Butterfly Bomb Case

A Very Good Butterfly Bomb Case. 

Ideal For Reassembly.

It Has Traces Of Red Paint So Probably A Practice Version.

Price £SOLD






WW2 Training Incendiary Bomb

A British Made 1940 Dated Imitation 1Kg Incendiary Bomb.

Used As A Training Aid For ARP Use.

This Version Has A Hole In The End

It Could Be Filled With A Slow Burning Wax

To Simulate A Burning Bomb.

Price £SOLD



RAF Practice Bomb

A Heavy 22lb Practice Bomb. 21" Long Approx.

Original Painted Finish & Minor Mishape To Tail

Price £SOLD




WW2 German 8cm Rocket

A Rare Late War Rocket As Used On German Aircraft 

Also Fired From Ground Based 'Raketen Vielfachwerfer' Launcher

This Example Has Some Rust Holes In The Base But Is Still Very Solid.

Warhead Casing Unscrews But Other Threads Are Tight.

Price £SOLD



WW2 German Tellermine Fuzes

Model TM12  Dated For 42/43







WW2 German SD1 Bomblets

Semi Relic Condition Bomblets With Cast Metal Fins.

Some Corrosion Prevents A2 73B Fuses From Screwing In

Price £65 Each ( 1 Left )






WW2 German SD1 Bomblet

Original Paint. AZ73 Fuze Head. Dated 45.

Price £165






 WW1 3" Stokes Mortar Bomb

Here Is A Semi Relic WW1 Trench Find

Rusted All Over But Will Dismantle As Shown.

Price only £95