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Reproduction German M24 Stick Grenade

Here Is A Top Quality Reproduction Stick Grenade.

Made Exactly As Originals Without Any Explosive.

One Only. Price £85




Early WW2 US Fragmentation Grenade MkII

An Original Yellow Painted WW2 Pineapple Grenade

Early WW2 Grenades Of This Type Were Painted Yellow For High Explosive.

To Make Them Less Noticeable In Combat

Most Were Later Repainted Green With Just A Yellow Band At Top

C/W Original Inert Fuze Head

Price £225



WW2 Canadian Mills 36M Grenade

This Is A Frost & Wilson Made Body With Matching Lever.

The Base Is By Schultz Die Casting Dated 1943.

Both Companies Are Canadian.

C/W Inner Tube, Striker & Spring.

Price £189



WW2 US Fragmentation Grenade MkII

Here Is A Genuine WW2 'Pineapple' Grenade

It Has Been Repainted Green Over Yellow

The Fuze Head Is An Inert Replacement

Price £SOLD






Mills 36M Marston Grenade

Here Is An Example Of A WW2 Mills By A Marston & Co Of Wolverhampton

C/W Matching Lever. SDR Base 1942.

Internal Tube, Spring & Striker Included.

Price £195



WW2 Mills 36M Chatco Grenade

A Nicely Marked Mills 36 By Chatham Co. With Matching Lever.

C/W 1943 Dated Base. Internal Tube, Spring & Striker.

Price £189



US M67 Practice Grenade

A Hollow Metal Version Of The Classic 'Baseball' Grenade

C/W M228 Fuze Head

Price £SOLD






Korean Made Practice Pineapple Grenade

A Black Painted Cast Metal Practice Grenade.

Price £35






Rare Original WW2 German Smoke Stick Grenade.

A Semi Relic Original Smoke Grenade With Clear 1941 Date On Wood.

Head Unscrews & Has A Few Minor Rust Holes.

Still A Good Display Item & Hard To Find Now

Price £295



WW1 Mills Number 5 Grenade

A Mills Number 5 With Brass Base Dated For February 1916

By Castings Ltd. Walsal

C/W Striker. No Internal Tube.

Price £129






Replica WW1 British No34 MkIII Grenades

Very Good Quality Heavy Steel Bodies With Brass Fittings

A Very Affordable Copy Of A Rare Grenade

Unlike Some Versions It Will Also Disassemble As Shown

Price £45 Each






WW2 British Home Guard Mills 36 Training Grenade.

An Original Training Grenade With Traces Of White Paint

Body By John Pilling & Sons With Distinctive Swept Front Top Lugs

(These Bodies Favoured For Training As Lugs Are Stronger).

Base Plug By Patent Diecasting Co. Dated For 1940.

C/W Internal Tube, Spring & Striker.

Price £165



Bargain Bundle Of Replica Grenades

Three Replica Grenades 

M24 German Stick Grenade Made Of Wood.

M1914 Turkish Grenade Made Of Heavy Cast Resin.

Mills 36M Grenade Made of Cast Resin

Price £50 For The Lot






WW1 German Stick Grenade

A 1916 Pattern Stick Grenade Relic.

The Head Is Original. The Top Is Missing. Wood Is A Modern Replacement.

 The Base Cap Is Just The Outer & Does Not Have A Metal Thread.

Price £80


Replica Mills 36M Grenade

A Solid Resin Body Copy Of A 1970 Mills Grenade

 Pin & Ring Are Metal.

Very Well Detailed. Price £18






L56A1 Chorley Grenades

Rubber Practice Grenades In Excellent Condition

Few Only 

Price £49 Each




British Number 34 MkIII Grenade

A Genuine WW1 British 'Trench' Grenade In Original Condition.

Price £160






WW1 German Practice Stick Grenade

A First World War Semi Relic Practice Stick Grenade

The Wooden Handle Looks Like A Replacement.

Price £120






Mills 36 Practice Grenade 

A Vadis Body Grenade With Holes

Base Dated 1942 By Kendrick. Pin Is A Replacement.

Price £140






Mills 36 Practice Smoke Grenade

An Original WW2 Smoke Grenade

( Note The Internal Tube Cut & Filler Screw Not Fitted )

Original White Paint Finish. Base Dated For 1941 By Thomas Glover.

C/W Striker & Spring

Price £165






WW1 German Rifle Grenade

A Semi Relic M1913 Rifle Grenade With A Very Good Brass Fuse Head

Price £119






Finnish M55 Practice Grenade

A Rare Grenade Painted Yellow

Price £95






WW1 European Grenades

A. Italian Sipe Grenade. Very Good Sound Condition. No Fuse. Price £50

B. Russian F1 With Transport Plug. Price £SOLD

C. French F1 With Percussion Igniter. Price £85






Danish & Russian Hand Grenades

A. Here Is A Very Good Danish M23 'Handbombe' Price £185


B. Original Russian RG42 WW2 Grenade. In Very Good Condition. Price £SOLD






WW1 Austrian Grenades

Both Very Good. Hard To Find In This Condition.

Heavy 'Schwer' Grenade With Fuse Cover. Price £SOLD

Zeitzunder Mk1 With Belt Hook. Price £145






WW1 Discus Grenades

A. German 1915 Large Model. 1 Screw Missing. Very Good Body. Price £125

B. Italian M14 Discus Grenade. Semi Relic. Rare. Price £90






WW1 German Rifle Grenades.

Two Good Examples Of Model 1913 Rifle Grenades With Fuse Heads. Price £145 Each

Very Good Model 1914 With More Pointed Shape. Price £165






Wooden Practice Grenades

Top. Norwegian With White Rings. Metal Surround Head. Price £65

Bottom. Hungarian Anti Tank. All Green. Price £40






Russian RPG Anti Tank Grenades

A Model RPG40 Smaller AT Grenade. Price £SOLD

Model RPG43 Larger AT Grenade With Cup Grip. Price £95






Russian Model 1912 Lantern Grenade

A Very Rare 'Lantern' Grenade From 1913

Semi Relic Condition Metal With Good Wooden Handle ( Could Be A Replacement ) ?

Top Is Loose. Some Sheet Fragment Missing From Inside.

Price £185



French Ball Grenades

A. 1885 89mm Diameter Ball Grenade & Wooden Plug. ( Loose Fit ) Price £85

B. 1914 85mm Diameter. With Screw Fit Wood Plug. Price £75






Russian F1 Practice Grenades

Red Painted F1 Grenade Bodies With Plugs

£18 Each






British L56A1 Practice Grenade Bodies

Rubber Body 'Chorley' Grenade Bodies

In Hard To Find Very Good Condition.

Price £29 Each Or 4 For £100






WW1 German Egg Grenades

I Have A number Of Good Condition 1917 Pattern Egg Grenades

All With Original Inert Fuses.

Price £55 Each Or 2 For £100







WW1 French Vivien & Bessieres Grenades

These VB Grenades Launched From A Rifle Cup Attachment & Used A Live Bullet To Pass 

Through The Grenade To Arm & Launch At The same Time.

A. Without Cover & Detonator Screw. Price £75

B. With Cover & Screw. Price £SOLD






WW1 British Number 15 Cricket Ball Grenade.

Here Is A Good Example Of The Classic Ball Grenade Circa 1915

Minor Pitting To Surface. 

Price £89






British WW1 Number 5 Mills Grenade Body

A Relic Number 5 Mills Body Only. No Base Or Internals.

The Iconic Grenade That No WW1 Display Should Be Without.

Price £69






WW1 German Stick Grenade Relic.

A German 1915 Model Grenade Relic With Repainted Head

Stick Looks Like A Very Old Replacement ?

Price £69






German WW1 Discus Grenade

A Sound Example Of The 1913 Diskusgranate

Price £99






Replica WW1 Turkish 1914 Grenade

These Are Heavy Resin Copies Of The Rare 1914 No2 Grenade Used At Gallipoli

Available In Black Or Gunmetal Finish.

Price £29 Each Or Two For £50






WW1 Austrian Rohr Hand Grenades

Rare To Find These With Cardboard Tubes & Instructions.

Steel Heads With Belt Clips. 

A. With Fragments Of Original Paper Insert & Ring Pull. Price £SOLD

B. Empty Tube With Part Of Belt Clip Missing. Price £99



WW2 Russian RGD-33 Hand Grenades

A Few Of The Pressed Steel Grenades With Sprung Loaded Grip Available.

All Complete With Inert Pencil Fuse That Inserts Into Head & Removable Fragmentation Collar.

Some Rusty Parts But All Will Dry Function To Show How They Were Used.

A. Has Collar Lock Rotted So Price £99

B. Has Rust On Safety Catch & Slight Dent On Stick. Price £110

C. Has Rust On Safety Catch. Price £SOLD




British L28A1 Practice Grenade

A Well Used Practice Grenade With Transit Bolt.

Price £29






Hungarian M42 Practice Grenades

Wood Stick With Metal Surround On Head.

Used For Throwing Practice. All VGC.

Price £25 Each







Replica German M24 Stick Grenades

Metal & Wood Replicas. Good For Display.

Price £30 Each






Korean Made US Practice Fragmentation Grenade.

Cast Iron Practice 'Pineapple' Grenades

They Have Had The Blow Holes Filled & Repainted In A Pewter Finish.

Ideal As Paperweights. Price £39 (1 Left).






Mills 36 Grenade

An Original Vadis Marked Body With Corroded Filler Screw & Internal Tube

Lever, Striker, Spring, Steel Base Cap Are Replacements.

Price £129






JPS Mills 36 Practice Grenade

This Has The Distinctive Reinforced Top Lugs Only Made By

John Pilling & Son Ltd. Colne, Lancashire.

These Were Used As Practice Throwing Grenades.

Good Condition With Internal Tube, Striker & Spring.

Price £159






US Mk2 Fragmentation Hand Grenade

A WW2 Semi Relic Pineapple Grenade. C/W Original Inert Fuse Head.

Traces Of Some Original Paint. Pitted All Over But Sound.

Price £125






Russian RPG - 43 Grenade Handle

A Rare Handle To Fit The RPG 43 H.E.A.T. Grenade

These Are Sprung Loaded And Push The Cylindrical Head Out When In Use

A Cloth Stabilizer Supports The Head As It Is Thrown Onto Tanks

Price £75






Czech URG86 Grenade

A Modern Plastic Defensive Grenade

Pre-Fragmented Liner.

This Is A Very Good Example

Price £75






WW1 German Stick Grenade Relic

A Relic M1915 Grenade Head With Later Wooden Stick.

Head Is Rusted All Over. Price £79







40mm Rifle Grenades

M781 US Practice Grenades For M203 Launcher. Price £20 (One Only Left).

40mm Illumination Parachute Flare. Small Crack On Top. Price £15









Eastern Bloc F1 Practice Grenades

I Have A Few Of These In Very Good Condition.

Black Or Green Painted Finish.

Great Desk Ornaments. Only £39 Each







L8A1 40mm Practice Grenades

These Are Used With  40 X 46mm Rifle Grenade Launchers.

They Are Inert But Contain A Marking Dye In The Head

Price £20 Each








Mills 36 Practice DP Grenade

A WW2 Mills With Holes Drilled In The Body For Practice.

Both Body & Base Made By Callenders Abbots Of Glasgow.

Grey Painted Over White.

Price £135







Mills 36 Factory Blank Body

An Unfinished Mills 36 Case Or Factory Blank By Vadis.

Ideal For Collector To Show Manufacturing Process.

These Are Rare To Find As Most Were Turned Out Finished.

Price £90







 WW1 Italian Sipe Grenade Body

A Rare First World War Grenade Found In The Alps Between Austria & Italy.

It Is In Semi Relic Condition & There Is No Fuse.

Price £40







*First World War German Rifle Grenade Relic

An M1914 German Rifle Grenade As Found On The Somme.

No Fuse Head & Completely Inert.

Ideal Museum Display Item. Price £55






Danish M54 Practice Grenades

C/W Fly Off Clips. Heavy Metal Construction.

Price £39 Each







 WW2 Hungarian M42 Practice Grenades

Inert Wooden Stick Grenades With Metal Case Head.

Price £39 Each







*Inert WW1 French Citron Grenade Bodies

Dug Up Relics In Sound Condition. Price £29 Each.






Inert WW1 British Battye Grenade Bodies.

One Only Left Available.  Good Condition. Price £29 







Replica WW2 German Stick Grenades.

Made Of Wood With Painted Top & End. Ideal For Props Or Display.

Price £18 Each







 Inert US Pineapple Practice Grenades.

Hollow Cast Iron. Marked 'Korea'

Price £49 Each







Inert Practice Mills 36 Grenade

Original White Paint Finish. Small Holes In Body.

C/W Internal Tube, Spring, Striker. - Price £135






Film Prop Resin US Pineapple Grenades

Very Robust. Non Detachable Clips.

Price £25 Each.








 WW1 Mills No5 Practice Grenades.

Made Without Internals For Throwing Practice Only. - Price £80 Each. 1 Only Left