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US M3 Fighting Knife

This Is A Second Pattern M3 By Imperial

C/W Correct M8 Scabbard  (Some Cut Marks ).

Blade Tip Missing.

Price £275



Vintage Italian Coricama Multi Tool Knife

Reputed To Have Been Bought Back From Italy In 1945

This Very Good Quality Folding Knife Has A 3.5" Main Blade

Corkscrew, Spike, Turn Screw, Bottle Opener, Can Opener & Shell Case Remover.

The Striped Acrylic Grips Are A Rare Feature.

Price £195



WW2 Royal Navy Jack Knife

A Metal Grip Folding Knife With Spike

Dated 1940 By J Rodgers & Son

Price £49



Post War Fairbairn Sykes Mk3 Fighting Knife

A Nowill & Sons Copper Finish Grip 'Commando' Knife

C/W Brown Leather Scabbard

Price £115






Vintage Royal Navy Divers Knife

Here Is A Siebe Gorman Type Drivers Knife & Brass Scabbard

Approx 13.5" Overall With 8" Blade.

Late 50's / Early 60's

Hammer Punch Marked With Owners Initials

Price £495



Japanese Copy Of US M3 Knife

This Is An Older Copy Of The US M3 Fighting Knife

It Is Marked M3 On The Blade But No Maker Name.

C/W US M8A1 Scabbard

Price £49






WW2 US M3 Fighting Knife

A Third Pattern M3 Knife By Case.

C/W Correct M8 Scabbard.

As Used By US Airborne Troops

Price £275



WW2 US Made Machete

A 1945 Dated Legitimus Collins & Co Machete

C/W Leather Scabbard By Robco, Montreal, Dated 1945

Good Condition

Price £SOLD




WW2 Period Gillwell Sheath Knife

A 9" Long Good Quality Sheath Knife By Wade & Butcher.

These Were Known As Private Purchase Knives

Used By British Troops During WW2.

Good Condition

Price £SOLD



Vintage Replica SA Dagger

An Older Good Quality Replica SA Dagger & Scabbard

The Only Obvious 'Giveaway' Is The Grip Is Simulated Wood.

RZM Mark For Arthur Evertz.

One Of The Best Copies I Have Seen.

Price £SOLD



German Short Machete

A Rare F C Tillmans Short Machete

17" Overall With 12" Blade.

Used By Troops To Clear Foliage

Price £120



German Scout Knife

A Post War Scout Knife Similar Pattern To Hitler Youth Knives.

C/W Scabbard And Leather Belt Hanger.

Very Good Quality.

Price £SOLD



Early Model Hitler Youth Knife

A Tiger Brand Hitler Youth Knife With Motto Blade.

Some Cracks On Lozenge. C/W Original Scabbard With Leather Belt Hanger.

Price £SOLD



Fairbairn Sykes 3rd Pattern Commemorative Knife

A William Rodgers Made Commando Knife To Commemorate D Day In 1994.

Good Quality & C/W Brown Leather Scabbard.

Superb Collectors Item.

Price £SOLD



Modern Sheath Knife

11.5" Overall With 7" Blade.

Hardwood Grips. C/W Leather Scabbard.

Very Good Condition

Price £20







German SA Dagger

An RZM SA Dagger By Robert Klaas

Well Polished Blade & Signs Of Some Pitting.

Dents On Scabbard Chape & Normal Wear Overall.

Price £450



WW2 Era German Fire Service Dagger

A Parade Type Dagger ( Sometimes Called Bayonet But Has No Rifle Fitting ).

Blade Has Been Sharpened.

C/W Scabbard

Price £139



Second Pattern Fairbairn Sykes Fighting Knife

A Post War Made Second Pattern FS Knife With Steel Grip.

WD Marked & Made By Nowill & Sons.

Some Light Rust On Blade & Grip. No Scabbard.

Price £175



WW2 US Paratroopers M3 Knife

A Second Pattern M3 Knife By Utica With Correct M8 Scabbard.

Good Used Condition

Price £SOLD



German Scout Knife

A Post War Made Scout Knife 

These Were Made By German Knife Manufacturers After WW2 In The Same Style As Hitler Youth Knives.

This One In Good Condition. Manufacturers Name Not Readable.

No Scabbard.

Price £SOLD





Vintage Private Purchase Boot Knife

A Very Good Quality Fighting Knife Circa 1930's /40's

This Has A Brass Grip & Metal Scabbard With Boot Hook.

(Covering Missing From Scabbard).

These Were Made For Private Purchase By Officers Before & During WW2

Price £295



WW2 US Navy MkII Knife

A Camillus New York Made USN MkII Knife

Well Used Condition & Worn Leather Scabbard.

Hence Price Only £150



WW1 German Deer Foot Trench Knife

A Traditional Private Purchase Trench Knife

Used By Many German Troops In WW1.

This One By Garantis Of Solingen

4.25" Blade Probably Shortened. Guard Loose.

C/W Leather Scabbard.

Price £89



Reproduction Hitler Youth Knife

A Copy Of The Pre War HJ Knife

Blade Etched With Motto.

C/W Scabbard.

Price £30






US Military Folding Jack Knives

Here Are Two Military Folding Knives. Both Approx 5 Inches Long Folded.

Top. Steel Sided Version by Case XX. 3.75" Blade & 4" Spike

Made From The 1950's Onwards & Carried By Many US Military Personnel. Price £45

Lower. Rosewood Sided Camillus Model 7085. Very Rare Only 38,148 Made During WW2

Used By US Navy. 3.75" Blade & 4" Spike. Price £245



Case XX R703 SSP Hunting Knife

A Circa 1980's Case Hunting Knife With Leather Pouch

Good Condition.

Price £SOLD






WW1 British Trench Knife Conversion

A 1907 Pattern Bayonet Grip & Guard With A Double Edged Blade Fitted.

Looks Like An Old Conversion But I Think It Has A Fake Date & WD Mark.

Price £79




Collectors Pen Knives

Two Rare Vintage 1930's Promotional Pen Knives

Robert Hornby Electric Meters. 3.25" Folded

Made By Paul A Henckels. Solingen. Price £65

Wilton Engineering & Slipway Co. Rotterdam.

2.25" Folded. Made By Justas BierHoff Ohligs. Price £65




WW2 Sheath Knife Souvenir From Operation Torch

Here Is An Interesting Item.

A French Made 9" Overall Sheath Knife With 5" Blade

Engraved On The Pommel ' R Walker Souvenir Algiers 8.11.42'

The Date Is The Start Of Operation Torch The Invasion Of North Africa By Allied Troops.

Probably Purchased By R Walker From A Local Tradesman & Nicely Engraved As A Momento.

Price £200



US M3 Fighting Knife

A Third Version M3 With Name Removed From Guard.

This Appears To Be Common Practice With Some Surplus Knives

That Were Sold Off Post WW2.

C/W Very Good Reproduction M6 Scabbard

Price £SOLD



Army Clasp Knives

Top. British 2005 Issue Single Locking Blade. Made By J G. £SOLD

Middle. British 1941 By H M Slater £40

Bottom. ABL Belgian Made 1951 Dated. £25



 WW1 German Deers Foot Trench Knife

A Private Purchase Deers Foot Knife With Cardboard Scabbard

Typically Sold As A Troopers Knife For Dress Use.

Price £190






WW2 US M3 Imperial Knife

A Third Version M3 With M8 Scabbard.

This Knife Looks To Have Seen Much Service.

Blade Has Been Sharpened. Guard Is Slightly Loose.

Price £280



Small Scottish Skean - Dhu

A Small Traditional Skean - Dhu By Nowill & Sons

Set With A Red Glass Bead & Black Grip.

Overall Size 6" Long With 3" Blade

C/W Leather Sheath. Price £35






Norwegian Sheath Knives

Here Are Two Secondhand High Quality Knives Made In Norway

Top: Brusletto 9" Overall With 4.75" Blade. Wood Grip, Leather Scabbard. Price £75

Bottom: Helle 11" Overall With 6.5" Blade. Wood Grip, Leather Scabbard. Price £69






Private Purchase Trench Knife

Typical Of The Type Of Continental Stag Horn Grip Knives Used During WW1.

These Were Sold To Troops For Use In The Trenches.

Partly For Fighting & Utility Work & A Show Piece.

Interestingly This One Has British Made Press Studs On The Scabbard.

The Back Of The Blade Has Unusual Patterning.

Price £140






Fairbairn Sykes Third Pattern Fighting Knife.

A Post War Private Purchase Knife. Some Damage To Grip & Blade Is Very Worn.

Made By Nowill & Son. C/W Scabbard. Price £SOLD





WW2 German Knife By WKC.

A 'Dress' Type Bayonet Knife. The Button Is False & Does Not Function.

Shorter Than Normal Blade Only 7" Long Approx.

Pitted Finish. Still Clear Logo For Weyersburg Kirschbaum & Co.

Price £95






New 30-06 Bullet Penknives

Overall Size 3.25"  With A 1.75" Blade

These Handy Little Knives Have Lots Of Everyday Uses.

Price Only £7 Each






Vintage German Scout Knife By Refwappen

This Knife Was Made After The War In The Same Style As Hitler Youth Knives From The 1930's

It Is Slightly Smaller & Has A Very Feint Boy Scout Motif Lozenge Set In The Grip.

The Hook Has Been Removed. C/W Cast Metal Scabbard With Drain Holes.

Size 8.5" Overall. Price £95




WW2 German Army Officers Dress Dagger

This Example Made By Weyersberg, Kirchbaum & Co.

Orange Grip In Good Condition & Complete With Scabbard.

Price £450



King Solomon Dagger

Not My Normal Sort Of Thing But Makes A Good Display Item.

16" High Overall. Blade is 10". Very Sharp.

Price £30






Reproduction SS Dagger

This Is A Detailed Copy Of The Schutzstaffel Dagger

As Carried By High Ranking Officers. C/W Scabbard.

Price £30







Replica First Pattern Luftwaffe Dagger

A Copy Of The WW2 German Air Force Officers Dagger

C/W Scabbard & Hanger Chain. Price £30







 WW2 German 'Trench' Knife & Scabbard

All Original With 5.75inch Blade - Price £175




WANTED. Military Knives. Fairbairn Sykes Commando Knives, US M3 Paratrooper Knives, German Trench Knives etc.