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Dutch M4 Bayonet

A German Made Bayonet Supplied To The Dutch Military

To Fit The M1 Carbine

C/W Dark 'Wood' Effect Scabbard

Note One Small Rivet Head Missing On Grip

Otherwise Very Good Condition

Price £169







British Number 7 Elkington Bayonet

A Rare Maker Of This Unusual Bayonet Made Between 1945-48

It Has A Swivel Pommel Marked M78 To Fit The Number 4 Lee Enfield Rifle Or Mk5 Sten

Very Good Condition & C/W Frog

Price £225



German K98 Bayonet With Matching Scabbard

A 1935 Bayonet By Gebr. Heller

Matching Numbers On Blade & Scabbard.

Worn Waffenamt Marks On Pommel

C/W Leather Frog.

Price £190



British L1A3 SLR Bayonet

An Enfield Made Bayonet With Grips Dated 1965/66

C/W good Scabbard

Price £129






US Garand WW2 Bayonet

Made By PAL This Is The Short Blade Version For The M1 Garand Rifle

C/W Good Scabbard

Price £SOLD






British 1903 Pattern SMLE Bayonet

A Scarce 1903 Model Bayonet Dated For November 1906

Regiment Marked For The Kings Royal Rifle Corps

C/W 1897 Dated Scabbard

Price £220



Indian Made SMLE MkIII Bayonet

An Ishapore Made SMLE Bayonet Dated For February 1946

Good Condition C/W Scabbard.







WW2 German K98 Bayonet

A 1942 Dated blade By Weyersberg Kirshbaum 

C/W Scabbard Dated 1941 By Horster

Looks Like It Has Been Clear Lacquer Coated On Grips 

Price £120






Lee Metford 1888 Pattern Bayonet

A Mk1 Second Pattern Bayonet Dated 1897

C/W Scabbard And 1940 Dated Frog.

Probably A Re-Issue For Home Guard Use ?

Price £SOLD




WW1 British 1907 Pattern Bayonet

A SMLE Bayonet That Looks To Have Had The Blade Cleaned Up & Chrome Plated

Dated For 1918 It May Have Been Used For Parades ?

C/W Leather Scabbard. Price Only £99



WW1 German 1898/05 Mauser Bayonet

A Chromed 'Butcher' Bayonet Dated For 1916

C/W Repainted Steel Scabbard.

Price £155



Remington 1913 Bayonet

Here Is A US Made Remington Bayonet Dated For February 1916

Probably Re-Issued In WW2 For British Home Guard.

C/W 1907 Pattern Scabbard. Good Condition.

Price £130



1907 Pattern SMLE Bayonet

A Very Good Example Of A Wilkinson Of Pall Mall SMLE Bayonet

Dated For May 1916 & C/W Correct Leather Scabbard.

Price £159






British Lee Metford 1888 Pattern Bayonet

A Second Version 1888 Model Bayonet Dated For January 1900

C/W Poor Condition Leather Scabbard.

Price £139




British Number 5 Bayonet

Here Is A Scarce Poole Made 'Jungle Carbine' Bayonet

Date Not Clear But Probably 1946 ?

These Were Only Made Between 1944-47

Note The Green Paint On Guard & Pommel So May Have Been Used In Jungle Conflicts.

C/W Scabbard & 1945 Dated Webbing Frog

Price £275




Swedish M1890 Bayonet

A Swedish Mauser 1890 Pattern Bayonet With Scabbard & Frog.

Well Used Condition With Some Pitting On Blade.

Leather Frog Also Worn

Matching Scabbard & Blade Numbers.

Price £59



US M7 Bayonet

A Bauer Ordnance Co. Made Bayonet C/W M8A1 Scabbard

As Used On The M16 Rifle from 1964 0nwards.

Price £120






US M5A1 Bayonet

A Typical Example Of The Post War Garand Bayonet

Made By Imperial

C/W M8A1 Scabbard. Good Condition.







Remington P13 Bayonet

A Good Condition Remington Bayonet For The P14 Rifle

Dated For 1916 & Probably Re-Issued To British Home Guard.

C/W 1907 Pattern Scabbard.

Price £120



Spanish M1941 Mauser Bayonet

A Good Example Of This Bolo Blade Mauser Bayonet.

Made At Toledo

Matching Number Blade & Scabbard

Price £125




French 1866 Pattern Chassepot Bayonet & Matching Scabbard

A Well Used Example Of The Brass Grip Chassepot Bayonet

Engraving Worn On Spine But '1869' Just Visible

Matching Numbers On Guard & Scabbard

Price £SOLD




 Finnish M1927 Bayonet

A Fiskars Made Quality Bayonet To Fit The Mosin Nagant 1927 & 1939 Rifles

C/W Plain Scabbard

Price £195



Swiss M1918/55 Pattern Bayonet

A Very Good Elsener Schwyz Made Bayonet To Fit The Schmidt Rubin M1911/M1931 Rifles

Also M41-M44 SMG. It Has A Heavier Grip Than The Standard M1918. Only 13,300 Made

C/W Scabbard.

Price £195






Wartime German K98 Bayonet

A 1941 Dated Bayonet By Carl Eickhorn

Some Nicks To Blade Edge

C/W 1937 Dated Scabbard By Jetter & Scheerer

Price £125



WW1 German Ersatz M88/98 Bayonet

An Example Of The All Steel 'Emergency' Bayonet

This Looks To Have Seen Plenty Of Use

C/W Scabbard.

Price £179



1908 Pattern Brazilian Mauser Bayonet

A European Made Bayonet Exported To Brazil To Fit The 1908 Pattern Mauser Rifle.

No Scabbard With This One & Some Pitting On Blade.

Price Only £59



1898/05 Pattern German Bayonet

A Move Werke Walter & Co Made Example Of The 'Butcher' Bayonet.

Complete With Patinated Metal Scabbard.

Price £155



WW2 German Matching Numbers K98 Bayonet By Mundlos

A Matched Number Blade & Scabbard By Mundlos.

Scabbard Has Been Re-blued.

Price £SOLD






WW2 German K98 Bayonet By Horster.

A Typical K98 Bayonet With Bakelite Grips 

C/W Non Matching WKC 1940 Dated Scabbard

Price £129



Italian M1938 Carcano Bayonet

A Fixed Blade Third Type Bayonet With Original Steel Scabbard

Price £SOLD



M10 Type Bowie Blade Bayonet

A Copy Of The M16 Fit Bowie Bayonet

C/W Leather Scabbard. All VGC.

Price £35






WW2 German K98 Dress Bayonet

This One By C Lutters & Co.  ( A Rare Maker).

It Has A Working Button & Some Wear To Pommel & Guard Plating.

C/W Scabbard.

Price £175



German 1858 Pattern Podewils Rifle Bayonet

A Rare Socket Bayonet With A Broad Blade

Unusual Angled Slot For Front Sight Fitting. 

Regiment Marked.

Note Nut & Bolt Not Original.

Price £175






British Martini Henry 1887 Mark IV Bayonet

A Sword Bayonet To Fit The Martini Henry MkIV Rifle

It Has An Amount Of Pitting To Blade & Some Minor Damage To Grip.

Button Works. Markings Still Readable. No Scabbard.

Price Only £135



British Number 5 Jungle Carbine Bayonet

This Example By The Scarce Viners Company

It Is Marked With Their Dispersal Code N79 Only.

The Blade Tip Has Been Reshaped To A Spear Point

Probably A Field Alteration ?

C/W Good Scabbard. Price £239



Swiss Model 1914 Sawback Bayonet

A Massive Bayonet To Fit The Schmidt Rubin M1911 Carbine

This Is A Rare Example Made By Hans Steiner

It Has Seen Some Use As There Are Some Nick On The Blade

Overall Condition Is Still Very Good.

C/W Steel Scabbard. Price £249



Japanese Arisaka Model 30 Bayonets

Here Are Two Different WW2 Era Japanese Bayonets

Both  Matsushita Kinzuku KK Arsenal Marked

Made By National Denki (Electric).  Later To Become Panasonic .

Top. Looks Like A Factory 'Hook Removed' Example. Slender Grips.

Flat Sided Birds Head Pommel. Blued Blade. Green Painted Scabbard. Price £180

Bottom. Straight Guard. Wider Looking Flat Grips. Flat Sided Birds Head Pommel. Blued Blade.

Blued Scabbard With Few Minor Dents.. Price £SOLD



East India Company 1841 Pattern Socket Bayonet

A 16" Approx Blade Made By S. Hill For The Brown Bess Musket

Socket Is 15/16ths Of An Inch Diameter With F Type Fitting.

Scarce Bayonet. Price £220






German K98 Bayonet By Jetter Und Scherrer

A Circa 1935 K98 Bayonet With Good Quality Bluing.

Manufacturer Code S245G Marked.

Non Matching Scabbard With Dent.

Price £149



Danish M1962 Bayonet

A Copy Of The US M5 To Fit The Garand Rifle

C/W Scabbard Marked HTK. ( Army Technical Corps ).

Price £95






German Dress K98 Bayonet

A Klitterrmann & Moog Made Example With Working Button

Small Nick Out Of One Grip. C/W Scabbard & Tatty Frog.

Price £129



German KCB77 Bayonet

To Fit The M16 & AR18 Rifles

C/W Wire Cutter Scabbard.

Price £129





WW2  Indian Made 1907 Pattern Bayonets

Here Are Three Examples Of Indian Made Unfullered Bayonets To Fit The SMLE Rifle.

Top. MkII RFI ( Ishapore Factory ) Dated December 1944. Square Pommel

C/W Good Scabbard. Price £139

Middle. MkII* JU ( Jhelum Arsenal ) Dated September 1942. 

C/W Good Scabbard. Price £145

Bottom. MkII* NWR ( North Western Railways ) Dated For 1943 Badly Stamped. 

C/W Good Scabbard. Price £129



WW1 Canadian Ross M1910 Bayonet

This Is A Good Example Of The Converted Blade Ross Bayonet.

Nicely Dated For 1916 On Both Pommel & Scabbard.

C/W Leather Belt Hanger.

Price £179



WW1 German 1898/05 Butcher Bayonet

An Early Version Of This Bayonet With High Muzzle 'Ears' & No Flashguard

Made By C G Haenel. Dated 1915. Light Pitting On Blade.

C/W Metal Scabbard With Some Light Surface Rust

Price £189 



WW2 German K98 Horster Bayonet

A 1943 Dated asw Marked Bayonet With Wood Grips.

Some Dents In Flashguard.

C/W Scabbard & Reproduction Leather Frog

Price £135



1907 Wilkinson Sword Bayonet

Very Good Blued Blade On This One.

Date Is Not Clear But Looks Like 1916 ?

Pommel Marked C G R & Crossed Out.

C/W Scabbard. Price £159



Canadian Ross M1905 Bayonet

A Very Early Ross Bayonet Dated For March 1910.

Rare Unaltered Blade With Stepped Back Muzzle Ring

 C/W Good 1911 Dated Scabbard & Leather Frog.

Price £249



1907 Hook Quillon Bayonet

A Rare J A Chapman Made 1907 Pattern SMLE Bayonet.

Light Pitting On Pommel & Guard. Chip On Wood Grip.

 C/W Teardrop Button Scabbard. Price £575



British 1855 Pattern Semi Relic Bayonet

Here Is A Rare Sappers & Miners 1855 Pattern Bayonet 

To Fit The Lancaster Rifle

It Is In Poor Condition With Broken Catch Spring Rusted Shortened Blade. Grips Have Shrunk.

Hence Price Only £99



German M84/98 Mauser Bayonets

Here Are Two Commercial Bayonets Made For Mauser 98 Rifles

A.- Varnished Grips. Good Blade & Scabbard. Price £SOLD

B.- Varnished Grips With Some Minor Chips. Good Blade. Some Minor Dents In Scabbard. Price £99




1937 K98 Bayonet By F W Holler

This Is A Matching Number S/175 Code Bayonet & Scabbard.

Feint Markings On Scabbard. Good Bakelite Grips.

Price £159



German K98 Bayonet

A Very Clean K98 Bayonet By P Weyersberg

Dated 1937. No Flash Guard. Good Wooden Grips.

Scabbard Has A Number Of Dents. Price £129 



Austrian 1895 Mannlicher Bayonet

This Pattern With Knot Hook Issued To NCOs 

Normal Wear & Tear To Blackened Finish C/W Scabbard.

Price £135






WW2 Number 4 Mk2 Spike Bayonets

'Pig Sticker' Bayonets To Fit The Lee Enfield No4 Rifle

Various Makers

With Scabbard £25

Without Scabbard £18

Webbing Frogs. Various Colours £8 Each






British East India Company 1841 Model Bayonet

Used By Sappers & Miners.

This Is A Rare Bayonet & Fits The P1841 Carbine & .75 Bore EIC Musket With F Pattern Catch.

Made By Deakin With A 22" Blade It Is In Good Condition.

Price £450



Romanian AKM 47 Type One Bayonet

Here Is A Copy Of The Soviet 6X4 Bayonet Made In Romania

C/W Scabbard With Wire Cutter

Note The Leather Frog Secured Around The Rubber Insulator.

Price £60







Siamese Mauser Bayonet

Here Is An Example Of A Japanese Made Bayonet Sold To Siam ( Now Thailand )

The Script Dates It To 1902. It Has A Riveted Hilt. Some Nicks On Blade Edge.

C/W Scabbard. Price £120






Remington 1918 Bayonet

This is a 1917 Pattern Bayonet Wrongly Marked For 1918

They Are Uncommon. C/W Green Scabbard & Leather Frog.

This Looks Like Home Guard Issue From WW2.

Price £225




Turkish 1874 Peabody Martini Rifle Bayonet

A Socket Bayonet With Cruciform Blade. Approx 20" Long.

These Were Made By The Providence Tool Co. In The USA.

 It Will Fit The Type A Rifle.  C/W 'Fragile' Scabbard.

Price £145







SKS Rifle Bayonet

A Cruciform Spike Bayonet That Folds Under The SKS Rifle Barrel.

C/W Screw Bolt. Price £39







Italian BM59 / AR70 Bayonet

This Is A Close Copy Of The M4 Type Knife Bayonet But It Has Plastic Grips & A Larger Muzzle Ring.

C/W Scabbard. Note Webbing Hanger Is Damaged.

Hence Price £79








United States 1917 Pattern Bayonet

One Of The Less Common Winchester Made Examples.

C/W Scabbard. Some Minor Pitting On Blade

Price £180








German WW1 1898/05 Butcher Bayonet

This One Made By F W Holler. Dated 1917.

C/W Metal Scabbard. Crack In One Grip

Hence Lower Price £149







 Siamese 1908 Pattern Type 66 Rifle Bayonet

Sometimes Called Type 51 It Is Similar To The Japanese 30 Year Bayonet.

Some Wear & Tear To Grips. Price £135







 WW1 German 1898/05 Butcher Bayonet & Scabbard.

Unmarked Blade. Guard Stamped RK & Numbered.

Scabbard Lug Missing. Price £175