No Licence Required. Only EU/GB 2018/337 Certificated Deactivated Weapons Available To Purchase Now.

These can only be sent inside the U.K.

Please ask for more pictures if you are interested in purchasing any model.

All Prices Plus Delivery If You Are Not Collecting From My Shop.


Browning Automatic Rifle M1918A2

A 2020 Deactivated BAR By NE Small Arms Corp.

Cocking Lever Will Move & Magazine Removes. It Will Not Dry Fire Or Field Strip.

C/W Bipod, Sling & Very Rare Remote Trigger Attachment.

A Good Example Of This Hard To Find Historic Weapon

Price £2000



 Browning .303 Aircraft Type Machine Gun

As Used On WW2 RAF Aircraft.

C/W Remote Firing Mechanism Fittings & Aluminium Spent Case Cowl

EU/GB 2019 Spec Deactivation

Price £SOLD




 Browning M1919 Machine Gun Flash Hider.

A Steel Parkerized Flash Hider In Good Condition.

Price £SOLD






Thompson 20 Round Magazine

A Seymour Products Magazine For Thompson SMG. Will Fit All Models.

Price £25






New EU/GB Spec. Deactivated Thompson M1A1 Sub Machine Gun

A Wartime Version Of The Famous US. Weapon

This One Has Moving Trigger, Selector & Safety Catches. Removable Magazine.

Clean Condition. Price £SOLD






New EU/GB Spec. Deactivated PPSH43 Sub Machine Gun

This One Dated 1952 & C/W 3 Spare Magazines, Pouch, Oil Bottle, Cleaning Rod & Sling

Cocking Lever & Trigger Moves. Great Value Only £SOLD







New EU/GB Spec. Deactivated WW2 Bren Mk1 Light Machine Gun

A 1940 Dated 'Kings Crown' Enfield Made Mk1 With Dovetail Mount.

C/W Bipod With Telescopic Legs. Detachable Magazine & Moving Cocking Lever.

Price £SOLD



New EU/GB Spec. Deactivated PPSH43 Sub Machine Gun

This Is A 'Cold War' Eastern Bloc Version Of The WW2 Russian Sub Machine Gun.

Very Good Condition. It Has A Cut Bolt So Cocking Handle Moves & Safety Works.

Detachable Magazine With 3 Inert Rounds





Deactivated UZI Sub Machine Gun

An IMI Israeli Made 9mm Version Of This Iconic Weapon.

Removable Stock & Top Cover. Moving Cocking Lever.

This Is A UK Later Spec. Deactivation & Is Proof House Stamped.

Price £SOLD






Deactivated Browning M1919A4 Machine Gun

A Good Wartime Version Made By Saginaw. C/W 1945 Dated Tripod.

Originally .30 cal & Later Converted To 7.65.

This Will Cock & Dry Fire.

Price £SOLD



Deactivated PPSH41 Sub Machine Gun

Russian Wartime Classic Sub Machine Gun. Dated 1945

Current Spec. Deactivation. C/W Drum Magazine. Price £SOLD








 Deactivated Russian Maxim M1910/30 Machine Gun

C/W Sokolov Wheeled Mount. Will Cock & Dry Fire.

Small Repair To Water Jacket ( Battle Damage ) Otherwise Very Good Condition.

Great Value For Money Price £SOLD






Deactivated Sten Mk2 Sub Machine Gun

This One Is Made With Original & Some Replacement Modern Parts

Repainted Finish. Deactivated To Current Spec. Price £SOLD







Deactivated MG53 With Lafette 53 Mount.

(A Close Post War Copy Of German MG42).

Very Impressive Display Item !

Gun Will Cock & Dry Fire. C/W Leather Strap & Drum Magazine & Bipod.

Price £SOLD





 Deactivated WW2 German MG34 Light Machine Gun

Old Spec. Deactivation. Will Cock Fire & Part Field Strip.

C/W Bipod & Drum Magazine.

Price £SOLD






Deactivated Machine Guns Wanted To Purchase Now With Post June 2018 Specification Certificates