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WW2 British Air Ministry 6 X 30 Binoculars

A Good Set Of 6E/293 Binoculars With 1942 Green Blanco Over Khaki Webbing Case.

Price £69



British 37 Pattern Water Bottle & Carrier

A Very Good Felt Covered Water Bottle

C/W Strap Type Carrier Price £24






WW2 British Map Case

A 37 Pattern Map Case Dated 1945

C/W Strap

Price £25






WW2 British Entrenching Tool & Cover.

A Good 1944 Dated Entrenching Tool & 1943 Dated Cover.

Price £85






WW2 US Army Meat Can

A Mess Tin Dated 1942

Very Good Condition. Price £30







WW2 German Water Bottle & Cup

A Good Felt Covered Water Bottle & Bakelite Cup

Dated For 1937 Made By Colsmann & Co.

C/W Carry Straps.

Very Good Example.

Price £SOLD



German WW2 Period Shovel & Carrier.

A Nicely Marked German Shovel Dated 1938 By R Dahlmann & Sohn.

C/W Leather Carrier.

Price £SOLD



WW2 British MkIII Marching Compass.

A Brass Case Compass By Francis Barker & Son

Black Finish Worn Away On Most Of Outside.

Still In Good Working Order.

Price £SOLD



WW2 German 6 X 30 Dienstglas Binoculars.

These Are Wartime Code Marked For Swarovski & Have Original Tan Paint Finish.

This Was Used In Mediterranean Regions & North Africa

Strap Not Original. No Case.

Price £185



WW2 British Army Water Bottle

A Very Good Condition Water Bottle & Webbing Holder.

Price £25






WW2 British Issue Kershaw Binoculars

A Set Of 1944 Dated Kershaw No2 MkIII Binoculars With 1945 Webbing Case.

Price £85



WW2 British General Service Respirator MkIV

An Exceptional Condition 1939 /1940 Dated Gas Mask

C/W 1942 Dated Bag & Instruction Leaflet.

Price £120

Note Vintage Gas Masks Should Not Be Worn. Sold For Display Only.



British Lightweight Gas Mask

A WW2 Issue Lightweight Gas Mask Dated 1943 /44

C/W Case. Very Good Clean Condition.

These Were Purchased By The Danish In The 1950's But Never Issued.

Price £49

Note Vintage Gas Masks Should Not Be Worn. Sold For Display Only.



Rola Co. Headphones

A WW2 Era US Pilots Headset By Rola Co Inc.

Leather Covered Head Bands. C/W Plug

Price £65



Vintage Military Headphones

An Unmarked Headset Same Type As Western Electric 509

Probably Made In USA.

Cord Covered Headbands

Price £49



WW1 Era British Field Glasses

A Military Issue Pair Of T. Armstrong & Bro. Binoculars

In Working Order. One Eyepiece Dented. Case Strap & Flap Replaced / Repaired.

Case Base Marked With Broad Arrow.

Price £59



Pre WW2 German K98 Rifle Cleaning Kit.

A Typical Rifle Cleaning Kit In A Double Ended Tin.

 Pre War Made By Hawig. Unpainted with Brass Clips.

Waffenamt Marked. Price £39







WW1 Era French Field Glasses

A Private Purchase Pair Of Small Binoculars Marked Day & Night

Made In France With 6 Lenses.

Adjuster Not Working Hence Low Price Only £25. Reserved




Russian Mosin Nagant Oil Bottle

A Round Brass Twin Compartment Oil Bottle.

This Is For Alkaline Solution & Oil.

Price £15






Russian Machine Gun Oil Bottle

A Square Type Two Compartment Galvanised Oil Bottle

Marked With W & H For Alkaline Solution & Oil

Price £8






WW1 German Entrenching Tool

An M1887 Pattern Entrenching Tool. This Type Used In Both World Wars.

Some Old Woodworm Holes In Shaft.

Price £69 Reserved






Vickers Machine Gun Oil Can

A Small Oil Can With Brush Inside Cap.

Size 4" High X 3" Wide X 1.5" Deep

This One Base Code Marked M81

Other Similar Available With Different Codes

Price £15






WW2 Telescope Tripod Stand

A WD No21 MkV Tripod For Spotting Scope.

Made In New Zealand And Dated 1942

Very Clear Markings. Good Condition.

Price £SOLD




US 1943 Pick Mattock M1910 Entrenching Tool

A Diamond Calk Made Pick Mattock Entrenching Tool

Dated 1943. In Good Condition.

Price £75








Used Reproduction German Army Mess Tins

Only Blue Finish Available.  As Seen In Pictures

Price £15 Each






Hitler Youth Type Rucksack

A Small Back Pack As Used By Youth Groups Pre War.

Ritter Fittings.  Approx Size 13" High And 10" Wide

Price £SOLD







WW2 British Whistle 

A 1941 Dated Whistle By Adie Bros. Birmingham.

Price £SOLD






WW2 Czech Made 'Chema' Gasmask

These Were Made Under German Occupation In Czechoslovakia At The Beginning Of The War.

Marked WE 1939 On Cannister Base. The Mask Is In Good Stored Condition.

There Is Minor Rust On The Cannister & Web Strap Has Broken.

This Is Quite A Rare Find. Price £95

*Note For Display Only. Vintage Gasmasks Should Not Be Worn.






Reproduction US WW1 Haversack.

M1910 Pattern Doughboy Pack.

Price £49






WW1 French Trench Binoculars.

8x24 C/W Leather Case ( Named ). Stamped SRPI No3201.

1 Eyering Missing Otherwise Good Condition. - Price £250






WW2 US 30cal Machine Gun Ammo Boxes.

Made By Reeves Or Canco.

Original Paint Good Condition Grade A £SOLD OUT

Repainted Good Condition Grade B £35 each

Original Paint & Some Rust Grade C £30 each.






US.50 Cal Ammunition Box

Price £30







WW2 Belgian Gas Mask & Cannister L702

As Reissued to Medical Units. Very Good Condition. - Price £59

* Note Vintage Gasmasks Are For Display Only. They Should Not Be Worn.